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Los matones. De millones miembros. Pero simplemente dividir hombres? Add value to your eCommerce supply chain by establishing the infrastructure necessary for expansion into new geographies, launch new products and develop new sales channels. Certified aerospace logistics expertise and technology that transforms your supply chain, while keeping your downtime time down. Get an instant quote for your shipment. George Mosse finds a strong association between nationalism and respectability or traditional domesticity, which allies the nationalist movements with masculinity and rising middleclass values.

Some pre—World War I Spanish novels written by both men and women deal either positively or negatively with a more independent life for women. For Giner, true Spanish reality resided in internal history, the values and spiritual manifestations of the Spanish people. It was also very likely a haven from another modern phenomenon—the growing feminist movement. Eric J. Farmworkers were offered a higher wage per hour with the expectation that they would work more hours. In fact, they worked less. Such is traditionalism in premodern societies.

Male modernist novelists often replaced the failed imperial impulse with a national tradition that they believed lay embedded in the literary classics. It is the latter aspect of the Don Juan legend that captured the imagination of women writers who domesticated the Don Juan figure within a contemporary and very specific social milieu. In the second decade of the twentieth century, a new constellation of events welded the thinking on the Spanish nation and the thinking on women, or at least marked them as parallel discourses.

To offend the Fatherland is to offend our own mother. Burgos debuted as the first female war correspondent during the Moroccan wars, an experience that she incorporated into her novels as well as into her journalism.

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Even though Spain did not participate in World War I, this event gave rise as it did in the rest of Europe and in the United States to additional nationalist thinking and changed the nature and importance of the Spanish debate on women. As Francisco J. Augmented production demanded by the war effort also created more jobs for women.

Once women were out of the home, it was a natural corollary that their feminist consciousness should blossom. Now women were demanding an equal place at the national table, and the founding of several key institutions ratified a shift in social policy concerning women. Not surprisingly, the second decade of the twentieth century witnessed a significant increase in the publication of novels about women and novels authored by women.

Journalism similarly assumed an important female dimension. On the whole, however, ANME leaned more toward the right than the left. Its political affiliations were with conservative statesmen such as Antonio Maura, Juan de la Cierva, and Eduardo Dato. To oppose by all means within the reach of the Association every proposal, act, or manifestation that goes counter to the integrity of the national territory.

To try to insure that every Spanish mother, in perfect parallel to the teacher, inculcate in the child from earliest infancy love of the mother country one and indivisible].

As the discourse on women shifted from the less controversial need to educate women although to what degree was still in dispute to a focus on a feminist platform of legal rights, enfranchisement, and divorce, the portrayal of women in fiction also shifted gears. No longer did male novelists ally women with the eternal sea of Spanish history; they now located them in more concrete social situations.

If, as I argue here, modernism can be social, then women definitely had a hand in bringing it about. Intrahistorical time is a complex concept that collapses present and past.

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All that newspapers daily report, all history of the present moment, is nothing more than the surface of the sea, a surface that freezes over and crystallizes in books and registries, and once so crystallized, forms a hard layer, no more important with respect to intrahistoric life than the relation of the poor rind in which we live to the immense burning center it carries within. As we see in a passage quoted later, Unamuno also allies farm labor with women. Unamuno was a master of insinuating metaphor here the sea image, which from ancient times has been associated with women and the maternal , and the silence typically associated with women is ubiquitous in the depictions of intrahistorical life: Sobre el silencio augusto.

One side reveals the eternal view, and the other opens a window onto specific historical situations and institutions often modern social forms that relate to women and marriage. Her earlier positions are found embedded in her novels and short stories. She does not participate in a silent, long-suffering intrahistorical sea; she is a confident individual who achieves her specific personal goals. Not only does intrahistoria erase temporal distinctions; it telescopes spatial entities as well. Just as past and present become blurred in an eternal present, geography is telescoped, and Castile becomes a synecdoche for all Spain.

Indeed, Castile exerted a fascination even among those regenerationist writers most critical of the supposed decadence of Spain. In a similar way, the intrahistorical undercurrent lacks specificity but tends to have a vaguely female identity.

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El pueblo the people is an abstract concept that facilitates the erasure of geographical divisions, and it has special meanings in the Spanish context not present in other languages. In this sense, pueblo has a rural connotation. Yo he sentido muchas veces estas tristezas indefinibles; era muchacho; en los veranos iba frecuentemente a la capital de la provincia y me sentaba largas horas en los balnearios, junto al mar.

How are you going to rationalize your sadness? We do not know; but we vaguely intuit, as though we were bordering on an unknown world, that this woman has something that we do not quite understand, and that upon leaving she has taken something that belongs to us and that we will never find again. I have often felt indefinable sadness; when I was a boy, I often went to the provincial capital, and I sat for long hours at the spas by the sea.

And then I saw, and I have seen since, some of these mysterious, suggestive women, who, like the blue sea that widened before my eyes, made me think about Infinity. Her version of domesticity, however, is more modern and does not reduce women to a vast unconscious sea. As we have seen, intrahistoria portrays rural and domestic activities as a vast sea of eternity against which specific historical events war and political actions play themselves out. For Unamuno, the domestic is closely linked to motherhood, which he considered an almost sacred state.

Castilian women, according to Unamuno, look to men for their fierceness, brutality, and courage. My opinions on these matters are the most timid, the most backward, the most bourgeois and the least innovative imaginable. I recognize it; but I have not achieved any others.

Unamuno similarly scorned nineteenth-century realism, perhaps in part because it focuses on material society rather than on abstract philosophical questions. De hacer hombres, no de parirlos; de formarles viriles, varoniles. Both male authors also privilege collective identity over individual psychology, especially where women are concerned, subordinating variety and difference to universals. Friends from boyhood, Ignacio and Pachico reveal very different temperaments Ignacio a Carlist ideologue and Pachico an intellectual skeptic.

She is left to repeat his story eternally while he achieves historical fame for his works in a contemporary political world of penury and want. Intrahistorical women are amorphous and indistinguishable from the landscape. As Peggy W. Don Quixote is an ambiguous modernist icon; in postromantic interpretations, which continued to influence some modernist appropriations of him, he is a victimized hero, but he also fails to perceive that the world has changed.

He is a romantic idealist doomed in a modern setting.

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Ignacio is eventually shot rather unheroically when, out of curiosity, he peers over the edge of his trench. His idealistic Catholic monarchism has led to nothing, while life in his home village flows on, if not uninterrupted, much as it was before. Josefa Ignacia asks nothing more of life than to die and join her son Ignacio, which she finally does. Josefa Ignacia is the classically silent, long-suffering Spanish woman, the epitome of perfect domesticity.

Intrahistoria domestic, quotidian, and repetitive is the domain of women, whereas temporal history war, battles, victories, and defeats is the domain of men. David W.